A Hello From Alin Riona

A Quest for the Meaning of A Name

Hi all! It’s Alin Riona Hapsari. You can just simply call me Alin. I am the owner of this blog. Just a quick introduction, I have ever wondering about the meaning of my complete name. Yes it is and i always forget to ask my parents about this when i meet them. Truthfully i don’t want to ask them via phone call or text message. I want to ask them in person. It’s much more interesting to hear someone telling you anything directly, it just feels different.

So, to fulfill my curiousity, i just google it. Yes I google my name. My name is consist of three syllables. I google it one by one for each syllable and try to find the meaning. Alin means the peaceful, independent, happy and perfect way of living. Apparently Alin is derived from Romanian, Arabic-French, Hawai, Indonesian and Sanskrit. Riona means pure or innocent. It is taken from Irish. While Hapsari has a few meaning. One source said that it means a beautiful and soft-hearted woman or a jewelry. It is taken from Javanese. Another source mentioned it as Apsari. Sounds similar but it has a different meaning. Apsari means angel. Well it’s not precisely angel because Apsari is taken from Javanese and Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the language of Buddhism and Hinduism. And Indonesia itself has a long history and strong influence from Buddhism and Hinduism Empire in the 12th century.

If we translate Apsari into English then it means angel. But refer to the Sanskrit language, Apsari means “bidadari” in Bahasa Indonesia. If i translate bidadari into English, it’s close to a description of a goddess or princess descend from the sky. This character is exist in the Indonesian puppet character.

Simply put,

Alin Riona Hapsari means an innocent beautiful soft-hearted woman with the peaceful, independent, happy and perfect way of living.

Wow! That sounds overwhelmed. But if this true, then it is my parents hope for me to grow as a beautiful soft-hearted woman with a peaceful, independent, happy and perfect way of living. Well it’s not an easy expectation to be fulfilled. I’d better go ask them!

I’ll update you once I got the answer from my parents. ‘Till later then and have a great day!

Warm Regards,

Alin Riona