A Bio to Get to Know Me

Hi there!

Probably i should have posted this at the very beginning. But i was preoccupied about finding the meaning of my name. Therefore i prefer to post it before this Bio.

Well, i will tell you a story about me.

I am a pure Indonesian descent and raised within the eastern culture by my parents. As a child, i took for granted for whatever my parents and my teachers taught me. And as i grew up, i started to question many things and began to seek for more meaning behind everything that have been taught to me.

If i were asked to describe myself, i would say that

“I am a blend of shy & sweet, and on the other side wild & crazy.”

For those who know me, i am pretty much like that. For those who doesn’t really know me, i don’t mind how they see me and perceive me. I don’t need to bother to clarify how people perceive me. I can say that I have some characteristics such as persistent, high self motivated, self-encouraged, loyal, caring, attentive, reserved, stubborn, not easily give up, strong-willed, perfectionist, trustworthy, helpful and moody with a capital M.

Mostly i inherit my mom’s traits. My personality is more similar to my mom than my dad. While my dad’s traits are mostly inherited to my brother. But i can say the way i become today is mostly comes from my mom’s upbringing. She taught me and my brother really hard. Eventhough she is a strict perfectionist mom, she has an angel heart and she is a caring person. She is a mother afterall.

Since i was a little kid, i always have this huge curiousity & interest about Europe.

Yes Europe, the continent, the landscape, the cities, the languages, the history, the culture and all about it. I guess i accidentally get this influence from my dad.

With his background in electrical & electronic engineering, he works for a National Electronic Institution. To be honest i have no idea about what my dad study about. Sometimes i peek into my dad’s literature and found a lot of complicated formula about electrical and all those graphs, curves, and mathematics signs. That’s definitely not for me and not my interest either. His electrical background also led him to do some business travel to Europe, particularly to Germany. Since we all know that all those best engineers are comes from Germany and they have the best know-how in engineering. The place where my dad works is developing electronic products and electronic infrastructure to improve the welfare of the community. My dad was assigned to do more research about the ongoing project at that time. As i recall, he went to Germany, French and The Netherlands a couple times. And everytime he returned from his business trip, he brought a lot of souvenir for us.

I remember when he brought an Agenda back from French. I saw a lot of beautiful picture of places in French in some pages of the Agenda. On the other day he brought some German cassettes which definitely consist of German songs. Not to mention that apparently my mom also has desire towards fancy stuffs from Europe such as handbag, scarf and accessories, preferably the classic one. And Europe is undoubtedly has classic touch. My mom is not a shopaholic. She rarely go shopping and she is a modest woman. But once she buy something, she will always choose the best one. Yes it is expensive but it also has a top-notch quality.

My parents fondness about Europe sort of contagious to me. And even until now, my interest never fade away and it is indeed getting bigger. Other than that, I always have this interest about travelling overseas and learning foreign language. Didn’t know where it comes from but somehow it is in my blood.

When I was in elementary school, my mom hired a private English teacher for me. And a few years later i started to join a formal English Course in the town.

I admit that i learned English by hard when i was at school.

I watched English movie, i listened to English song, i read English articles and i even helped my friends translating some English articles or journals. I consider that as a very good exercise for me. And the best part is, sometimes i get paid for helping my friends. Eventhough the amount is not big, but it is enough for my pocket money back then when i was in college. And i remember that i used that money to watch a music concert of my favorite band. It is quite paid-off isn’t it?

My desire about Europe, travelling overseas and foreign language doesn’t imply that i am not proud of my own country. It is just somekind of feeling when you want to see another place far away from your hometown, experience another culture, learn something new and embrace all those differences. Interested in another country than your hometown is not a sin.

Some people likes to travel around their country, and some other prefer to travel overseas. Nothing wrong with that.

I don’t feel comfortable with cynical saying about travelling.

Sometimes the people who desire for travelling around their country might say thing like, “What is that for travelling around the world if you haven’t travelled around your own country.” And the other way around, those who desire for travelling around the world would say, “You have to see the world and travel overseas rather than just stay in your country.”

Travelling is not a competition.

It is giving you a very priceless experience, introducing you to another culture, teaching you about the differences and even giving you a lesson about how you suppose to respect other people eventhough they are different from you. It is supposed to make you a humble person rather than becomes a cynical one.

My interest about foreign language goes the same. It doesn’t mean i am not proud of Bahasa Indonesia. As I have a huge interest towards travelling overseas, then English obviously becomes a very important key. How would i communicate if i cannot speak English? I do admit that not all countries in the world are willing to speak English but at least they can speak eventhough a little. Therefore i learned English by hard since i was at school.

As for Bahasa Indonesia, i highly respect it.

I respect our national language by using it properly and considering the proper rules and spelling. Yes we use less-formal and slang words for daily conversation and it’s the same for all countries in the world. But when we write a business letter or e-mail, we have to force ourselves to use formal language. Formal and proper language is highly respected everywhere, regardless of what language you speak.

Get used to the correct one, do not correct the usual.

Or in Bahasa Indonesia is,

“Biasakan yang benar, jangan membenarkan kebiasaan.”

I saw this slogan is etched on the wall in the previous company I work for and I keep remembering this as a very good quote.

Honestly what happens in our nation lately, the youngster tend to use slang words and even the spelling becomes worse and i can say that it is very far from appropriateness. Even the adults also acknowledge those bad slang words and use it often. Without this additional inappropriate slang words, Bahasa Indonesia itself has less vocabulary than English. According to Ministry of Cultural and Education, by today the vocabulary of Bahasa Indonesia is only consist of 100,000 vocabularies. Meanwhile English has more than one million vocabularies.

That is the reason why i find it easier to write in English than Bahasa Indonesia. I can use many vocabularies to describe or explain something. I can write in Bahasa Indonesia as well, as it is my national language. But i just too often find it very limited and difficult to find a vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia to describe something. However i still write stories in Bahasa Indonesia as my personal contribution to preserve the national language.

Other than my interest towards foreign language and travelling overseas, apparently i also have a particular interest in helping people especially if it is related to my ability such as language.

Recently a good friend of mine just discovered a new ability in me.

She frequently ask me to help her finding the tagline for her friends. Truthfully my background is not Branding Strategy, but i agree to help her. And she really believes that i can do that. Seeing someone strongly believe in you like that, believe in you that you can do better, believe in you that you have powerful ability – suddenly it motivates me and encourage me to make a first move and try my best to help.

Curious about this female friend? Well, i will definitely introduce you and write about this woman in another post later.

I am quite happy and satisfied with what i’ve become today eventhough there are still a lot of dreams to pursue and still a lot to be improved. I try to always surround myself with positive people. Positive people will definitely make you stronger and bring out the best in you. While negative people tend to weaken you, say bad things and discourage you. I am not worry about people who dislike me.

I am not insisting everyone to like me and i am not seeking for desire to become a center of attention.

I think no matter how kind we are, there are still people who don’t like us. It is a common thing. And we don’t need to be best friend with everyone. Indeed, we have to carefully choose our friend.

I am quite grateful with the life i have been living so far. Our family is just an ordinary and modest family. We are not a millionaire. But i feel grateful and i consider myself as quite lucky because i have everything i need. Maybe i don’t have everything i want, but i have everything i need and that’s enough.

I choose to have colorful life and that’s because i refuse to have plain and dull life.

The one who is responsible for your life is none other than yourself. I choose to paint my life with different colors rather than leave it in a plain black and white. The same goes to my favorite food and flavor. I’d rather have salty-spicy-sour food than the plain one. I am not afraid to learn new things, new challenge and meet new people.

I can say that i tend to challenge my limit. For those who don’t really know me maybe they see me as a reserved personality. It is not completely wrong because i tend to look quiet from the outside. I have a good quote which I get from an author,

Life can be wild, confusing and wonderful.

It is taken from a novel, the title is Perfect Affair and written by Claire Dyer. It is a book recommended by my friend. I am not saying that this is my favorite book. It is just because i take a good quote from the book that i use as my life quote. When i red that words, i feel that it describes perfectly about how i picture my life and that is how i want my life to be. A one colorful life. Colorful doesn’t mean it is always happy all the time. As for me colorful life is that you are enjoying the ups and downs in your life. We wake up every morning, go to work, start the day – without any assurance of what will happened that day – yet we still go on, that’s what we call hope.

Hope is what keeping us alive.

It means we have goal, we have something to achieve and pursue. A hopeless person is the most dangerous. Because he/she has no life purpose anymore, doesn’t have something to hold on to, doesn’t have faith or something to believe, and losing interest of doing anything. I can say it is very dangerous because it might lead to depression or suicide. Not everyday is a good day, but we have to live it anyway and take a lesson learned. Keep yourself busy and being productive, feed your mind with positive thoughts, color your life and see how life will surprise you in return, do not afraid to challenge yourself and do not stop pursuing your dream.

I hope this personal bio is giving you a brief picture about me. Everyone can have different opinion and i am not worry about what people might perceive me. I cannot satisfy everyone’s expectation. Other way around, everyone also not always live up to my expectation. So, feel free to get to know me, feel free to have your own opinion, but do not get disappointed if i am not live up to your expectation.


Warm Regards,

Alin Riona