Riyan, The so-called Blogger Expert

Febriyan Lukito, or people used to call him Riyan.



He’s a modest, helpful and kind-hearted person. My friend introduced him to me before i met him in person. At that time my friend was asking my help to find a tagline for Riyan. The truth is that i was confused at the beginning. I hadn’t met Riyan in person and i have no background in Branding Strategy nor the experience in this tagline stuff. I was thinking, “Is she crazy? Does she even aware about this? What could she expect from me?”

And yes, she is crazy and just boldly insist me to do that. She then gave me Riyan’s blog address. Because i hadn’t met Riyan in person therefore i tried to get to know him through his personal blog. After i checked his blog out, i was confused what should i do for him, what is the best tagline for him. His blog is already well-built, the content is well-arranged, and he writes and shares a lot of good things in his blog. I mean it’s perfect already, then what I should do with his already-perfect-blog?

I learn from his personal blog, seems Riyan has a lot of interest. From writing review about movies, books, technologies, travelling, culinary to sharing about jobs, careers, finance, entrepreneurship, English post, inspiring life story and even tips & tricks about blogging.

In another words, Riyan pretty much writes and shares about almost every useful tips and tricks needed by many of us.

Yes, you can find any helpful tips about anything in his blog. It’s like a complete guidance of life tips and tricks based on his personal experience.

Isn’t it excessive? Wouldn’t it be better if he just focus on writing or sharing about a few particular thing? Well, yes and no, in my opinion. Yes, it seems we can find too many useful things in his blog. And no, actually he doesn’t need to limit what he wants to share or write about in his blog.

Words of Social Media and Blogging on Blackboard

Believe me, i was kind of a bit confused when the first time viewing Riyan’s blog. But then i came up to a conclusion that actually Riyan is a smart and caring person with his abundance thoughts on his mind. He doesn’t hesitate nor reluctant to share many useful things in his blog and let everyone read it and learn from his experience. He just cannot contain himself to not share his thoughts in his website. I can imagine that anytime he has thought just pop-up in his mind, he will definitely grab his computer or laptop or any device to spill out his thoughts into writings which then later will be posted on his blog.

After viewing his blog i got an impression that Riyan is smart caring person who passionately shares his thoughts and experience and he expect that whatever he share will be useful for anyone who read it. And after a few scratch and strokes, juggling with phrases and trying to get the buzzword, i decided to choose a tagline for him as,

“sharing, caring and enriching life”

I told my friend to tell Riyan about the tagline. And I told her as well if Riyan doesn’t feel comfortable with the tagline, i still definitely can help him to find another one. My friend then told me that Riyan feels content with the tagline. A few weeks later finally i met Riyan in person at the small talkshow event called “Ngobrol Santai”. Ngobrol Santai is a small talkshow event initiated by Riyan himself and his other two friends. It is usually held in a small and cozy coffee shop in town. As it is only the small event, the participants are limited to 15-20 people only.

The first time i met Riyan was at the first Ngobrol Santai event and as i recall, Riyan was the highlight of that first event since he was the speaker. He was mainly sharing about his knowledge about blogging tips and tricks. Other than Riyan, his partner on this event – Dani Rachmat – also gave some sharing to us. But maybe I will not go in detail to share about this Ngobrol Santai event. I will probably share it in detail later in another post.


ngobrol3   ngobrol4   ngobrol2


Back to the tagline for Riyan, he is thankful for the tagline i created for him. Although, as a perfectionist, i still feel that the tagline could have been better than this. But knowing Riyan thanking me so much makes me feel couldn’t be happier than this and i feel really grateful that i can help. It is my pleasure to help.

His smart and caring thoughts can be viewed at his personal blog at  www.febriyanlukito.com

You can find so many helpful tips and tricks about pretty much a lot of things from movies, books, technologies, travelling, culinary, jobs, finance, entrepreneurship, inspiring life story, English post and tips and tricks about blogging.

blogging3   blogging4

From my point of view, I’d rather remembering him as the blogger expert apart from his other helpful sharing posted on his blog. Because he definitely is the blogger expert and i believe he has done a lot of blogging tips and tricks. He seems very fluent explaining about his blogging experience and the blogging do’s and don’t’s.

Well, I hope that tagline will be very useful for Riyan as guide for his blog and it will attract more readers to visit his blog. His tagline still can be reviewed or changed as time goes by. It doesn’t have to be used permanently if in case it is not relevant anymore for his blog content in the future. The point is that the tagline helps his blog to be more focus, represent of what he’s constantly working on and helps telling people of what his blog is all about.


**Picture of Riyan is taken from his blog at www.febriyanlukito.com

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