Ratna Auliah, the Beauty Blogger

Ratna Auliah, or people usually call her Lia.



She is an enthusiastic, smart, friendly and kind-hearted woman. By the time i write this personal bio about her, i just met her once in person and I can tell that she has lively personality. She has a very nice smile with her pretty dimples in her cheek. If she was a color, she probably would have vibrant shade. If she was a weather, summer would be most suitable to describe her. Am i being exaggerated? No. You should meet her in person.

When i visit her personal blog, yes it’s correct, i got a “vibrant summer” impression from her blog. She doesn’t put too many colors in her blog but somehow the blog looks pretty. She frequently shares her writing about her personal experiences, thoughts and stories in her blog. She shares about a lot of things but mainly about beauty. She doesn’t hesitate to share and let people read what she’s writing. She is known as an Indonesian lifestyle blogger who particularly shares about beauty.

I was introduced to her by my friend. Before i met Lia in person, i get to know her through her blog at www.liaharahap.com . Seems she really has been doing a lot of review about beauty. An interesting fact that i found in her blog is that she tends to do a review about beauty products which many people don’t know. It doesn’t mean those products are bad, indeed those are good quality products but not many people know about it.

My friend also told me that Lia is always about beauty. Her personal brand is related to beauty. My friend recognize that Lia’s interest is about beauty. Moreover, my friend is also recognize that Lia has capability more than just sharing about beauty products. The beauty category reviewed by her is not limited only to the products, but she also highlight the profound value behind the beauty itself. Other than beauty as her main interest, she also share some thoughts of her experience about travel, food and any kind of event she’s ever attended.


She recently wrote in her blog about “Makeup Product for Beginner Recommended by Beauty Blogger”. She invites a few of her beauty blogger friends to share their makeup recommendation. And by doing this, not only she shares the recommended makeup products, but she is also introduce her beauty blogger friends to her follower or anyone who read her blog.

Her persistence to be a blogger also can be recognized from her achievements in blogging contest which can be viewed at her blog. She is never stop learning and writing. She is also open to any opportunity for partnership. One of the partnership that she’s been dealing with is Sociolla. Sociolla is one of Indonesia’s online shopping destination offering beauty products such as make up, skin care, hair care, fragrance and other beauty tools. We can visit the website at www.sociolla.com . It is just my opinion, i guess Lia’s consistent work as a beauty blogger has enabled her to led into this partnership with one of Indonesia’s well-known online beauty shop.

After get to know Lia in an instant by reading her blog and a chance to met her in person, i found a good tagline for her,

“Magnify Beauty Through Attitude and Confidence”

I choose this tagline because it is the most suitable to describe Lia’s constant work in beauty blogging. I can see that Lia’s been putting a lot of effort to share her own experience about the beauty products. And as i mentioned earlier, she tends to share a lot of review of very good beauty products which many people don’t know. In my opinion, who knows she probably could be a good marketing for those ‘less-famous but good quality’ product. Somehow it is similar to word-of-mouth marketing in which the company doesn’t need to spend for the marketing cost yet they get their product being voluntarily promoted by its customer.

In the future, Lia plans to continue her constant work in beauty blogging and perhaps write more article about the value of the beauty itself. She will not limit her sharing or writing to beauty products only but she will explore more story about beauty which shaped by attitude and confidence.


I hope with this tagline Lia can continue her great work in beauty blogging. And i believe that her constant sharing will inspire many woman to have better understanding and insight about beauty. Woman has been given privilege to choose among those colorful makeups, dresses and accessories to magnify her beauty. But it is nothing without attitude and confidence.

Beauty and fashion is not merely about makeup, dress, shoes, accessories and the like. Beauty cannot just simply interpreted as makeup put on a woman’s face and fashion is not always about the dress weared by a woman.

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.” – ecstasymodel.com


**Picture of Lia is taken from her blog at www.liaharahap.com

**Other pictures are taken from Pinterest