Nik Sukacita, the Sea Wanderer (English)

Nik Sukacita

I used to call her as “Mba Nik”.

I am kind of late of write something about her. It should have been done before i write personal bio for the others. However it doesn’t mean that i put her aside, definitely not. Indeed, I have too many things to say about her but having difficulty to put it in the best words.

I’ve known her about six years ago, not really sure precisely. Actually six years is quite short but it feels like I’ve known her more than decades. Early year of our acquaintance, we were living in different city so we were only able to communicate through e-mail and text message. We’ve known each other through an online business site. The main products are cosmetics and skin care which actually the demand is not always high all the time. People don’t consume cosmetics or skin care as many as they buy food, beverage or clothes. Truthfully the business doesn’t go really well, at least for me. It is just not my calling. Meanwhile Nik did better than me at least, eventhough she was also struggling a lot. I can say that she is a fighter and she really works hard. She never stops encourage me to keep going and not giving up. Even until now she is still encourage me to become a better person with better value.

Eventhough we only communicate through e-mail and text message, i felt that we were really close. I can sense from the beginning that she is a very nice and decent woman. As time goes by, the way i see her is more like a big sister, like a good friend, rather than a business partner.

When finally there was a chance to visit her and meet her, i surely didn’t hesitate to take the chance. At that time was a bit difficult to arrange our meetup because the place where i lived didn’t have that many choice of public transportation. Not to mention we also have a very short time because we could only manage to meet during her office lunch time. Meanwhile i had to take an office leave because it’s definitely impossible to meet her after my office hour.

I worked for the previous company about four years. I started to feel my saturation point in the last one year. Not only bored with the job but also with the place where i stayed. I stayed in different area from the office. It’s about one hour far and can only reached by office bus since the public transportation in industrial area is very limited. Yes, I worked and stayed in an industrial area since i worked for a manufacturing company. In the last one year, I decided to move to Jakarta. My dad works and stay there. I decided to live with him.

Before i moved into his place, i checked about the transportation with some colleagues in the office who lives in Jakarta. I know that the company provided a lot of office bus for the employee and it also has certain pick-up and drop-off point. For example, there were around four points for the employees who live in Jakarta. These points cover the area in the east, west, north and southern Jakarta. So it is pretty much helpful for the employee who prefer not driving by themselves to the office considering the traffic along the way from and to Jakarta is very bad.

My dad lives in the North Jakarta. And yes, there is office bus passing this area as well, so i have nothing to worry about. All set and packed and i was ready to move. The reason why i chose to move to Jakarta is also because the city is more alive than the place where i stayed before and i need some kind of new ambience.

I was happy to move into the city and never regret it until today. If I were to move again to another new place, i wish i could move into another country. I am not saying that i dislike my country, it’s simply just because trying to live in another country has always been my biggest interest.

So here i am now in Jakarta, alive and happy. And i couldn’t be more happier when i knew that i have more chance to hangout with my friends which most of them work and live in Jakarta, including Nik. It is true that finally i can see her more often than before. Even better. In the mid of 2014 i got a new job in Jakarta. So now i work and stay in Jakarta. I do not need to worry anymore about the transportation and distance when meeting friends in Jakarta. Same thing goes to Nik, she moved from the southern Jakarta into the center. We met quite often ever since and our friendship becomes more intense.

If you ask me to describe her, i will say that she is a passionate hard working woman who loves to travel a lot. She’s been traveling around Indonesia. She is addicted heavily to the sea. Diving into deep blue sea and swimming along with the dancing fish between the beautiful coral reef is her favorite temporary escape from her bustling days.


Her traveling experience has given her the best life story for her. She is not a kind of person who let the memory slip away just like that. She prefer to put it in a short writing. I haven’t mentioned that she actively update and writes in her blog

Nik Sukacita is not her real name. Her real name is Ni Ketut Ratmini. Couldn’t be more obvious to explain that she is a Balinese descent. She admitted that she’s having tough times during her childhood which makes her prefer being alone and preoccupied by herself and tend to avoid people. She has her own reason for this. Despite this, being alone didn’t weaken her. She spent most of her alone time to read books, enjoyed the nature and learned a lot of new things which now turns to be her biggest interest.

Her lack of confidence during the childhood is now gone and so does her habit to avoid people. She is now prefer to be known as Nik Sukacita. Sukacita means joy or happiness. She decided to become a new person and living a joyful and happy life.

For those who doesn’t know her, by reading her blog it can gives you brief description about her life story and how the way she lives her life. Her writing mostly about her journey to new places and her personal review about the books she read.

As I mentioned before that she’s been traveling around Indonesia and her main destination is mostly the sea as she is heavily addicted to the sea. Her favorite moment is getting lost under the sea and between the corals. She feels recharged everytime she’s diving into the sea. Another favorite moment during his trip is chasing sunrise. She is willing to wake up early at the dawn just to be able to see and enjoy the beauty and the warmth of early morning sunrise.


sunrise4    sunrise5


She is very active and I just rarely see her losing her spirit. When i asked her how she manage it, she said that she’s just like other ordinary people. She admit that she’s not always in her best condition and also having her own ups and downs. But she’s rather didn’t show it to the world. Instead of spamming the timeline with negative thoughts, she’d prefer to share beautiful thoughts and pictures.

As for me, time spent with her is never disappointed. There is always stories to tell, thoughts to share and many other good things to be learned and explored. No matter how many hours time spent with her, it’s always never enough. Even I already missed her by the time we part ways and say goodbye or “see you later”, “take care” and the like. She has this sort of positive energy which is contagious to you. She is always thirsty and in need for trying and learning new things. Not to mention that sometimes she also has too many projects to be done. But getting busy with our life is much better than doing nothing.

There are so many positive things have been done by her eventhough she is not a famous person or public figure. She is not looking for fame or just chasing money. She is not a money-oriented person. Yes it is undeniable that everyone needs money for living, but the first and most important thing for Nik is working hard and prove the result, then you may talk about money.

Every acquaintanceship with new friend is a gift for her. Nik is not type of person who use her friend and just want to take the benefit. She always sincere in her friendship and she will not bother to pretend acting kind just because she wants to look good in front of everyone. She is not worry about showing an assertive attitude which she thinks it’s right. I think this is fair enough. Because sometimes our kindness not always receive the same favor from the others and indeed we cannot expect or control everyone to show the attitude like we expect. Even according to Nik’s personal experience, there are some friends which best to let go rather than to keep and becomes burden to ourself.

Nik is very appreciate the value of the friendship. For her, a friend is a place to share many things, to walk together in virtue, keep reminding each other and keep encouraging in any situation.


Her constant persistency to be a new person full of joy eventually paid off. From her acquaintanceship with some good friends she built a community, In Indonesiaku. The community consists of travelers who adore the beauty of Indonesian nature and share the same interest to travel and explore beautiful beaches and islands scattered around the archipelago. They actively share their traveling stories in their blog

Nik is a very smart woman capturing every good chance. She is very lucky because she has great friends with high value. What I mean with high value here is that most of her friends consists of people with various abilities. Nik see this as her chance to learn and explore more knowledge from her friends. Not only explore knowledge but she does more than that. She even voluntarily promoting and recommend her friends through her blog and her social media. Her main purpose is that she wants her friends to be widely known because of their abilities which in return this will give value added for her friends too. This is how Nik shows her gratitude towards the friends who already taught her so many things. No wonder if her friends trust her and choose her as a right person to share a lot of things.

Another good chance that didn’t slip from her attention is to gather her blogger friends to held a small sharing event in the different coffee shops. The purpose is none other than to share knowledge and also to promote the café at the same time.

Nik’s activities doesn’t stop there. Currently she is working on new project together with her friends. This time the project is related to branding and marketing. Her new project can be viewed through

From my friendship with Mba Nik i can see that she cannot stand to just stay still and do nothing. Indeed, the more the activities, the more passionate she is. And for her, this becomes the strength which can be explored and developed more.

Sometimes the lesser our activities could also led to the less productive our brain. Even age is not the reason to stop learn new things or being productive. Strong-willed and persistency often overpower one’s weakness. Everyone has weakness but there’s also strength to be explored.


“Do not jealous with somebody else’s strength because everyone has weakness. And do not worry about our weakness because everyone has their own strength. Focus on what we’re good at and keep improving rather than continuously complain about what we’re not capable at.”



I am grateful for having a good friend like Nik and I couldn’t be more grateful to always surrounded by great friends. For me, a good friend is a friend who has positive vibe and energy everytime you see them. It is someone who can brings out the best in you and keep encouraging you to be a better person. Nik is more than just a sister or partner to me. Nik is a great friend with a positive vibe, strong-willed and warm acceptance. I definitely do not mind to always be her lifetime friend.

I dedicated this writing for her and I even make two versions. One in English and the other is in Bahasa Indonesia. I am sure that she’s been waiting to read this. And I know it will be easier for her to read the Bahasa Indonesia version. Nik’s been learning English for the last two years. So I specially write the Bahasa Indonesia version for her to be easier to read and the English version for her to learn.

The other reason I write in English it’s also because it’s my nature to prefer writing in English to writing in Bahasa Indonesia. I am not native English so writing in English is like a part of learning and to improve my English ability. I understand English but I do not speak English daily so I don’t want to lose my English ability. Therefore writing in English helps to keep my English trained.

There are too many good things about Nik which I cannot write all of them. If you want to get to know more about her, just visit her blog at and read her marvelous stories there.



**All pictures are taken from Pinterest