Nia Nastiti, A Blogger of Modest Fashion



A young, smart and passionate woman. That’s the impression i got when the first time i met her. Currently she works for a government institution. Despite busy with her office work, she always spare some times to write at her blog at . Her constant writings mostly tell stories about her personal thoughts, idea and her experiences.

Exploring a new place becomes one of her interest. From a tourism site, restaurant, lodging, café to a new store in town – all those places always have interesting stories for Nia to be explored and shared in her blog. It is undeniably true that traveling or short trip to new places has become most of people’s biggest interest. How could you resist the temptation of exploring a new place? It is unavoidable. Everybody loves new places, new surrounding, new things – something which is different from the usual. People might easily get bored and we all need somekind of refreshment. Eventhough you are busy with your work at the office, you should spare some times to give yourself a break with any other less-pressure activities. That is what we usually call as hobby or interest. No matter how challenging or odd your hobby is – well, it is a hobby anyway, an interest – you wouldn’t feel a pressure when you’re doing your hobby.



What appeals Nia about exploring new places is the experience of being refreshed by new idea. It is important for her to pay a regular visit to new places or event s as it will give her lots of new idea while at the same time inspire her to inspire others. Other than exploring new places, fashion actually is her biggest interest. Despite she shares a lot of things about journey, food, book, beauty and any kind of event she has ever attended, she is a fashion blogger afterall. Wherever she visits a new place, she never forget to also highlight the fashion detail she’s wearing at that moment. Her idea is to share about what is best outfit to wear at certain place and occasion.

Nia emphasizes many times that she frequently blends fashion and journey as the main idea of her writings. For those who never meet Nia before, i’m telling you that she is a nice woman with a decent appearance and not to mention that she is also wearing hijab. The way she presents herself as a modest, smart and creative woman gave me an idea to make a tagline for her as,

“Dress modestly, behave smart and act genuinely”

In my opinion, that is the most suitable tagline for Nia as she always want to inspire other women to dress modestly and behave smart. Nia said that for a woman to look attractive doesn’t always have to dress excessively. For her, being modestly dressed is somehow reveal a woman genuine beauty. Being modest doesn’t mean lack of confidence or not attractive at all.




Recently, Nia decided to seriously thinking about what her blog will be. She got the advice from the best blogger, Febriyan Lukito and Dani Rachmat. They suggested that Nia had better to develop her niche blog with fashion as the main topic as it is one of her biggest interest. What currently she always been doing is blending the topic between fashion and journey, for instance. Whatever the topic she shares, fashion always become the highlight and the fashion that we are talking about here is the modest fashion for women. Her thought about this niche blog is shared in her recent post which can be viewed through this link, . She was suggested by Febriyan Lukito to start doing e-mail interview with a few fashion blogger to get their point of view about why choosing niche fashion for their blogs.


hijabi1   modesty3   hijabi2


With the tagline i found for her and not to mention a very priceless advise from Febriyan Lukito & Dani Rachmat and also suggestion from other good friends surround her – I hope Nia will be more confident and convinced to present her blog as the modest fashion blog. I hope her blog will evolve along with her expectation to inspire other women to dress modestly.

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