Adelina and The Yoga Lifestyle



I used to call her Adel. She’s a sweet, smart, active, cheerful and friendly woman. She is known for her yoga lifestyle. Adel perceives yoga not just as regular sport or exercise, but she embraces yoga as her lifestyle. As she mentioned on her blog, yoga makes her life more flexible, discipline, organized and balanced.


From my point of view as a non-yoga expert, the essence of yoga is balance and serenity. It is some kind of meditation sport requires some movement or pose as the technique to complete the meditation process. I can say that yoga has a lot of difficult movement or pose. It requires regular exercise to master those movement and each movement has its own level.

Adel gives her detail explanation of everything about yoga including the pictures and techniques to do the yoga pose or movements in her blog. For those who are interested to start yoga, Adelina’s blog can be very helpful and useful.

Other than yoga, travelling and photography have always been her biggest interest. Travelling has introduced her to a different world, diverse cultures, interesting stories and leave her with priceless and unforgettable memories. Not to mention that the travelling companions definitely complete her every trip. With the whole new experience she gets from travelling, Adel also treasure the memories. She keep it well.

She captures every moment through the lens and share it into her writings.

No doubt then if she finds photography as an interesting hobby as well. A picture is the most simple form of art which can tell you many stories. As time goes by, many moments are walking past us. You probably forget which moment of which event, with whom you spent it, when and where did it happen. But once you look back at the picture, it tells you everything, it tells you the story behind the picture.

Picture is your past days which you can always look back to relive the memories and repeat reminiscing it. 


After i get to know Adel for about a year, i can see that what stand-out most from her is yoga. As i said in the beginning, she embraces yoga as her lifestyle. She also mentioned in her blog that the word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit which means “unification with the nature” or “unification with The Creator”. With this meaning then no wonder if yoga has the spiritual essence. That’s why each movement has its own level or phase. The higher the level, the higher the spiritual balance can be achieved.

I can say that Adel is really embrace yoga as her lifestyle. I just knew from her blog that apparently yoga has a meaning as the unification with the nature. And Adel is definitely has huge interest towards travelling. She embodies the meaning of “unification with the nature” into her travelling hobby.

Her travelling personality is more like adventurous and intellectual style.

She prefer the wild-nature travelling to urban-chic style travelling. Natural tourism has always been more appealing for her. For Adel, travelling into the wild nature such as beach, lake, mountain or woods is much more interesting than to the urban area. It doesn’t mean that she’s avoiding urban area, but she would rather go see the wild nature than to the city. Apart from the wild nature, Adel also admire the local culture of each place she visited. She never missed the chance to practice yoga on the travelling site. She finds more serenity in the nature. This perhaps that i can call as the manifestation of “unification with the nature” meaning.

With her huge passion of yoga, travelling and photography and how she embrace it into her lifestyle, i came up with an idea for her tagline as,

a harmonious journey through yoga and travelling

That’s how i picture Adel. That’s how i’ve been knowing her for, that’s how she personalize herself and that’s how people will remember her for. As for me, i expect the tagline can accompany her through her life journey. I hope she will keep sharing her inspiring stories and pictures of her yoga and travelling activities.

Adel constantly takes picture of her travelling and yoga activities. Instead of keep it to herself, she frequently shares her activities and pour it into writings in her blog. She warmly welcome and invite anyone who is interested in dropping by her blog. Her whole-hearted sharing can be viewed in her blog at

She expects for whatever she write or share will be useful and helpful for those who read it.  



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