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Hello there!

As the tagline on my website – Find Your Keywords. Yes, I am here to help you finding your keywords. Which means keywords about you. Why keywords? It’s just my simple term or catchphrase of the more sophisticated term names “personal branding.”

From some articles related to personal branding that i read at , i can summarize personal branding as the way people think about you, what describes you, what people remember most about you and precisely what brand or keyword that crossing people’s mind when they see you or when they are asked to describe you in a simple word.

It is who you are.

Let me ask you, what word is crossing your mind when i mention Céline Dion, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobbs, Coco Chanel, Jack Ma, David Beckham or Gordon Ramsay? I can guarantee that you immediately have a keyword in mind related to those people. Coincidentally they are famous people so it is easier for us to name their keyword easily. But regardless of their fame, their names are inevitably clinging to what they are doing constantly over the years.

For instance, David Beckham is well-known for football, soccer, a British man, Manchester United – you name it. You definitely wouldn’t associate David Beckham with Grammy Awards for instance, because he never release a single or an album. Even if one day he make a sudden career expansion and release a song, most of us will still see David Beckham as a football player. He is about football. His keyword is football. We will never associate Coco Chanel with culinary. Coco is definitely about high-end fashion, haute couture or a classy French designer. Those are her keyword and that’s how people have in mind when they are asked to describe Coco. And you will not associate Gordon Ramsay with NBA since that’s not the way we remember him eventhough maybe he likes to play basketball once in awhile. His brand is about, cooking, culinary, restaurant, MasterChef , Hell’s Kitchen or Michelin star. It clings to him. That’s what we call personal brand.

Apart from those famous people, this “personal brand” thing is also applicable and relevant for all of us. Start from your own passion, explore it each day, master it, and make it as your personal brand.

Personal brand is not built within a day. It requires a constant self-improvement through times.  

Another important part to strengthen your personal brand is the tagline.

Tagline is one little catchy phrase associates with the personal brand itself.

It helps reinforcing and strengthening your personal brand. It represents your personal brand, it represents what you do. It gives a glimpse about what you are as a brand. I read somewhere in an article that it best to keep your tagline between 50-60 characters. Unfortunately, i forgot the source where i read this information. Please remind me in the future to find the source so i can share more about the tagline tips and tricks.

Truthfully, i have a lot to share and discuss openly about this personal brand, tagline and keywords. But at the moment I cannot decide what topic i will specifically choose to be shared or discussed. Maybe the next post will be about some friends of mine which i help them to find the tagline.

I decided to help people finding their keywords start by this year. It is because a good friend of mine asked me to help her finding keywords for her friends. These friends are amazing people with amazing personalities. They already know what they want to be recognized for. In another words, they already found their brand and they constantly doing self-improvement to strengthen their brand. They try to focus and stick to their personal brand.

But sometimes eventhough you already have your brand, there are possibilities when you unconsciously or accidentally diverge your route and a bit out of track. That is the reason why my friend ask my help to help finding the tagline to help strengthening your brand and keeping you on the line.

I will share with you and give you some real examples from my friends.

‘Till later and have a great day!



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Alin Riona