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Hello friends!

Apart from my personal bio, i also give an overview about this blog.

I mentioned in my bio that a good friend of mine recently just discovered a new ability in me. By the early 2016, she started to ask me to help her to find the tagline for her friends. Believe me, her friends are amazing people which i have no idea why she ask me to help finding the tagline for her already-steady-with-their-personal brand friends. At the beginning i didn’t feel confident about it. I already told her that i don’t have background in Branding and i am kind of worried making mistakes. But she believes in me so much that i can do it. And here i am now. Eventhough i am new to this personal branding and tagline stuff, but hey, everything can be learned right?

Actually i get two benefits from doing this. While i’m helping friends, i can also learn a lot about new things. So, other than giving help, i also gaining knowledge. It is take and give. I gain knowledge and i give help. For me, it is interesting and i am really excited doing this.

Particularly this blog will contain with detail summary about the friends that i have helped them to find the tagline. In the future i expect to be able to grow and develop this into more serious project. At this moment,  i just have a few summary only. But everything started from the scratch and started from zero isn’t it?

Another thing that i will share to this blog is true story.

What the true story is about?

I think i will keep it and reveal it later. One by one. I hope those stories will be interesting for those who read it. I begin to write those stories in Bahasa Indonesia. But i am also thinking about translating the stories into English. I want to share these stories not only to Indonesian, but i expect people from other countries could also read these stories.

The rest content of my blog still not decided yet. Anything can change or remain the same. Perhaps i will also share about my other hobby or interest. I’ll see where it leads. I hope my blog will be dynamics and give a good benefit for myself and people who read it.

The more people i can help, the happier i am.

helping-hands1       happiness2

Being able to help people and share my knowledge is a priceless personal reward for myself.

Any feedback is definitely welcome in my blog. But really sorry, cynical words, discouraging statements, rude, harsh, and provocative comments might be deleted. Please think wisely and be polite before write any feedback. Critics or dislike do not have to be conveyed in a rude words. I know you are smart enough to distinguish between the appropriate and inappropriate words 🙂


Warm Regards,


Alin Riona


**all pictures inserted in this article are taken from pinterest and some other source from the internet, so it is not my private pictures 🙂